What Exactly?

Looking back now I’m not sure that I ever really thought that I would ever be more than I am right now.  Sure, Like any teenage girl I talked about what I was going to do when I grew up. I talked about how many kids I was going to have, what their names were going to be, and what my house would look like.  Never in all that planning did I include any of this.  If I would have known then what was coming well, I’m not sure that I know what I would have told myself.  I honestly can’t say that I know for sure what I would have said given the opportunity.  There’s nothing that I know of that could have even prepared her (me)  to even be told about what was headed her way.  I know there are others who have it worse. Others are going through so much more, but don’t we all deal with issues differently?  To someone on the outside looking in it would seem like there’s nothing going on. To the family members who “think” they can say they know what it’s like, they are only being let in to a point. Only being told a small part of what they are dying to hear. Yes, some do have it worse,  but I never compared my issues to someone else’s.  I don’t even know where to start.